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Project Experts

Project Coordinator

Frederic Béen PhD

Scientific Researcher

ing. Erik Emke

Senior Researcher

dr. Thomas ter Laak

Scientific Researcher

Ruud Steenbeek MSc

Castiglioni Sara (002)
Work Package 1 Leader

dr. Sara Castiglioni

Scientific Researcher

dr. Ettore Zuccato

Noelia Salgueiro González
Scientific Researcher

dr. Noelia Salgueiro-Gonzalez

Photo Lubertus Bijlsma
Work Package 3 Leader

dr. Lubertus Bijlsma

Elena Pitarch Arquimbau i Alberto Celma
Scientific Researcher

Prof. dr. Elena Pitarch

Photo felix
Scientific Researcher

Prof. dr. Félix Hernández

Foto Paco
Scientific Researcher

Prof. dr. Francisco López

Photo Alexander van Nuijs
Work Package 4 Leader

Prof. dr. Alexander van Nuijs

foto Covaci
Scientific Researcher

Prof. dr. Adrian Covaci

photo Tim
Scientific Researcher

Tim Boogaerts MSc

To send a general enquiry, please use


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Justice Programme under grant agreement Nr 861602.