WP 5

Europe-wide monitoring

The drug problem is a national, transnational and international issue which needs to be addressed on a global scale. By carrying out two European-wide sampling campaigns using the wastewater-based epidemiology approach, EuSeMe aims at providing a global overview about the situation of emerging (i.e. NPS, illicit and prescription opioids, crack cocaine and cannabis) and known (i.e. conventional illicit drugs) threats, which would be difficult to obtain otherwise. By covering various locations and spanning over multiple years, the outcomes will provide an ideal tool to better understand the drugs phenomenon, which could eventually be used to assess the impact of measures and policy changes, as well as to assess the size of drug markets.

WP 5 Objective

Europe-wide monitoring

Setting up a Europe-wide monitoring system

The overarching objective of this work package is to obtain timely information on the actual use of illicit drugs on a European scale, with a specific focus on different spatial resolutions (between- and within-countries). This will be achieved through the use of the wastewater-based epidemiology approach. WP5 is furthermore expected to provide unique Europe-wide data on relevant topics related to illicit drug use, i.e. consumption of NPS, therapeutic opioids, crack cocaine, and cannabis.

For more information please contact the WP leader : Alexander van Nuijs

How To Join This Work Package


How to get started

  • If you are really new to WBE watch these video's
  • You need representative samples
  • You need to supply 7 days consecutive
  • For inclusion of the data you will need to pass the Interlab test.
Research Phase

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